Home Sweet Insured Home: Safeguarding Your Space in Matthews, NC

For Matthews, NC homeowners, the process of obtaining the necessary home insurance can be a challenging one. That’s why the experts at Jim Boyce Insurance are on hand to ensure the process is as painless as possible. To safeguard your investment, you need to avoid the common pitfalls. Be sure to take a closer look at the following list of common mistakes before getting started.

Lack of Coverage

Several homeowners are not fully aware of all the coverage that they need. They are not including all of their most valued possessions when their desired policy is discussed, which causes said homeowners to have a lack of coverage. Be as open and honest as possible about all items that need to be covered so this pitfall is readily avoidable.

Making Assumptions

Homeowners in the Matthews, NC region will often make assumptions about what will be included in their insurance policies. These assumptions can cause severe issues once problems arise for which there is no insurance coverage. Don’t make the mistake of taking any aspect of your coverage for granted. Please speak to our insurance representatives before finalizing a policy.

Lack of Understanding

Matthews, NC homeowners must take the time to understand the terms established in their policy. There is a difference between actual cash value and replacement costs. Those who do not understand these terms and how they will affect them in a crisis are setting themselves up for future difficulties.

At Jim Boyce Insurance, our objective is simple. We look to assist our Matthews, NC clients with every aspect of home insurance so that they can make informed choices about their present and future. Give us a call or stop by as soon as you are ready to learn more!