Make Sure You Have an Emergency Kit in Your Car

North Carolina isn’t known for its blizzards, but road conditions can quickly become hazardous once temperatures drop to or below freezing. Because cities like Charlotte, NC don’t have the equipment that snowier places in the Northern United States have, even just a little snow, freezing rain or sleet can make streets slick. Therefore, if you live in Charlotte and own a car, it’s important to prepare a winter emergency kit. At Jim Boyce Insurance, we also recommend reviewing your insurance coverages before the cold weather and precipitation come.

Making a Winter Emergency Kit

A winter emergency kit should have everything you need to stay safe on the side of the road, and enough supplies to keep you fed, hydrated and warm until help comes. We recommend including a set of flares and a flashlight in your emergency kit, as these will help make you visible if you break down on the side of the road. Your kit should also have plenty of snacks and water, along with a blanket for when temperatures are low.

Checking Your Auto Insurance

While everyone should have the same basic supplies in their winter emergency kit, there isn’t a set of coverages that everyone should have in their auto insurance policy. Drivers in Charlotte at least need to maintain the state’s minimum required levels of auto insurance, but it’s often wise to purchase more coverage than is required by state law. Which additional coverages you should invest in will depend on your individual situation.

At Jim Boyce Insurance, we can help you determine what auto insurance coverages you ought to have. Our agents will discuss the different options with you and help you find an affordable policy that meets your needs. If you aren’t comfortable selecting coverages on your own, contact our agents through our website — before the temperatures drop anymore.