Why should I get renters insurance?

People that are in the Matthews, NC area could be better off renting instead of buying in some cases. Those that rent will have more flexibility on an annual basis and will not have the same responsibilities as a property owner. Along with renting, you also need to get proper insurance. There are a few reasons that you should get a renters insurance plan when moving into a new home. 

Insurance Protects Personal Assets

A reason that you should get a renters insurance plan is that it can protect your personal assets. When you move into a new rental property, you are going to bring your furniture, electronics, and other assets that you will have invested a lot to acquire. If you do not have coverage and are a victim of theft, fire damage or another form of loss, you will not have coverage for these. With renters insurance, you can have coverage to replace these items. 

Insurance is Often Required

You will also want to get renters insurance as it could be a lease requirement. Many landlords require all tenants to get renters insurance. This coverage can help to provide liability protection for the tenant, which can ultimately protect the landlord as well. Usually, you will need to provide evidence of your coverage before moving into your new home. 

Anyone that wants to rent a home in the Matthews, NC area should spend time assessing their insurance needs. For those that are going to get coverage here, speaking with the team at Jim Boyce Insurance is a good option. The insurance professionals with Jim Boyce Insurance can help you assess your needs and build a plan that will provide the right coverage to ensure your assets are protected and you are in lease compliance.