Make Sure Your Home Will Be Warm and Safe Come Winter

With the onset of fall, winter’s cold temperatures are just around the corner. Even in southern towns like Georgetown, TX, heating a home during the upcoming months can be expensive. If you live in Georgetown or a nearby town, here’s how to make sure your home will be warm when winter arrives.

Keeping Your Home Warm

Taking a few steps to prepare your home for the coming cold will reduce your energy costs all winter long. Although these suggestions cost money, they aren’t expensive, and they’ll make sure your home is comfortably warm and safely heated. To get your home ready for the heating season:

  • seal up any drafts in your home
  • have your home’s furnace serviced
  • have your home’s chimney cleaned (if it has one)

Keeping Your Family Safe

In addition to readying your home for winter, the fall is also a good time to review your homeowners insurance policy. You should at least make sure your policy covers your home’s furnace and fireplace before you start using them again. You also, however, might want to shop around and see how your current premiums compare with the going market rates for homeowners insurance in Georgetown, TX.

If you’d like help reviewing your homeowners insurance, contact us at Jim Boyce Insurance. We’ve served many families in Georgetown, and we’d be honored to help yours, too. No matter how you found your current policy, our independent insurance agents can review it and show you how it stacks up to policies from other companies. If there’s a better deal available, they can help you switch.

To get in touch with us, contact our office on the phone or through our website. We have agents ready to help you as soon as you reach them.