Full-Time RV Living and Insuring the Dream

We understand the need for automobile insurance, and home insurance has long been a standard feature of any homeowner’s financial picture.  What happens for homeowners looking to live outside the proverbial “box,” however? Owing to an increased search for innovative living solutions, downsizing in general, or seeking a life of adventure out on the road, more and more people are wondering how that lifestyle might be insured.       

Meeting Your RV Insurance Needs in Matthews, NC

Making the choice to “take the show on the road” is rooted in a sense of adventure, but prudence suggests that you should not go it alone on your travels.  That’s why purchasing a full-time RV insurance policy is such a good idea for Matthews, NC residents infected with a sense of wanderlust.

An RV insurance policy provides crucial protection for full-timers that include such provisions as:

  • Medical payments for expenses of those injured while visiting your RV
  • Personal Belongings Coverage recognizes the fact that all your personal effects are onboard
  • Personal Liability acts like a “vacation liability” and covers injuries and around your RV
  • Emergency allowance should food and lodging be required

There is a myriad of potential options when it comes to designing your fulltime RV insurance, so sitting down with a trusted and honest broker, such as Jim Boyce Insurance, is your first step in mapping out the insurance aspects of your new full-time lifestyle.

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Should you be wondering how to best protect your new on-the-road lifestyle, we invite you to contact our friendly staff to discuss your insurance needs to cover your full-time RV lifestyle.  You need to protect your vehicle, home, and all its content when it is contained entirely within your recreational vehicle.  Reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly insurance agents for a free, no-obligation quote.  You get more than just peace of mind when you work with Jim Boyce Insurance.