What Coverage Is Included With Umbrella Insurance?

We have seen cases where our client’s coverage limits are not enough to cover the cost of damages incurred. Despite buying an insurance policy, they still ended paying out of pocket because they have exhausted their limits. That’s why at Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC, we decided to introduce what is known as umbrella insurance.

When you exhaust your insurance limits, your umbrella insurance will kick in. Also, if a certain situation occurs and it is not covered by your policy, you can file a claim against your umbrella insurance policy and we will respond as quickly as possible. So, what exactly is included in umbrella insurance?

Personal liability

This coverage protects you from indirect liabilities. For example, if someone slips and falls in your tenant’s patio, the person could file a lawsuit against you and your tenant. Your umbrella insurance will refund your payment for legal services.

Legal liability

Your umbrella insurance will cover you against certain lawsuits (not all lawsuits). For lawsuits like false detention, false improvement, wrongful arrest, slander, libel, mental anguish, and malicious prosecution, your umbrella insurance will protect you. Remember, most insurance policies do not cover these types of lawsuits. 


If you cause someone to get injured by your negligence, you’re legally obligated to pay for the person’s treatments. For instance, if your dog chases someone aggressively because you didn’t put it on a leash and the person trips and falls while fleeing from your dog, you should be responsible for the treatment. With your umbrella insurance, you don’t have to pay out of your pocket. This coverage will make the payment available. 

Damage to property

If you mistakenly damage someone’s property, you can file a claim against this coverage and you will be paid the repair cost. For example, if your apartment gets flooded because you forgot to turn off a tap and it affects the apartment below yours, you’ll have to fix the apartment. This coverage will do that for you.

For more information on umbrella insurance, contact Jim Boyce Insurance located in Matthews, NC.