Is It Covered?

Whether it is home insurance, auto insurance, or renters insurance, knowing what your insurance policy covers is important. Be aware of the limits of your coverage so that you will not be caught off guard in Matthews, NC. 

What Is Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance

While policies may differ, most homeowners policies cover damage to your home due to storms or fire. Most of the time, the personal property that is inside your home is covered too, so if your furnishings are ruined due to storm damage, your policy may pay toward their replacement. The same thing applies to burglary.  If your home is damaged by burglars, your policy will pay for the repairs, as well as replacing items that were stolen. Not only is your house and personal property covered by your homeowner’s policy, but structures on your property are also likely covered. So if a storm knocks trees onto your backyard fence, your policy may pay out toward repairing the fencing. Additionally, you are also covered for liability if someone is injured on your property. Therefore, if someone is hurt at your home, you are protected by your homeowner’s policy from a lawsuit. For specific coverage limits, you can read your insurance paperwork or contact your insurance agent.

What Is Not Typically Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Knowing what your policy does not cover is crucial as well. In some cases, you can buy additional insurance riders from Jim Boyce Insurance to help cover these problems that you may face in owning a home. Most of the time, things like sewage backups and the damage from them will not be covered by your homeowner’s policy. Most people do not realize it, but a basic homeowner’s policy does not pay out for damages due to floods, earthquakes, mudslides, or sinkholes. If you live in an area where these things may occur, you might want to look into buying additional insurance.

To discuss your insurance coverage and options for buying insurance riders in Matthews, NC, you can contact Jim Boyce Insurance today.