Commercial Insurance Tips for a Family Business

For those with a family business in Matthews, NC, our team at Jim Boyce Insurance can help you decide the suitable types of insurance to protect your family’s endeavor. While every insurance policy is different, our tips below for getting commercial coverage for your family business should apply to most situations.

Learn about Commercial Insurance Types

Before getting a commercial coverage policy, you’ll need to know what kinds of commercial policies exist. While there are general commercial insurance policies, some types of coverage in this area of insurance have specific terms or forms of coverage they provide. For example, worker’s compensation insurance targets covering your employees if they are injured and protecting your business in that situation.

Explore All Options

If your policy doesn’t give you the coverage you’d prefer, you may want to look into umbrella insurance policies or other options. These policies will provide you with coverage for qualifying problems up to a certain amount once you’ve reached the limit of your existing policies. They may require a certain amount of coverage to qualify, so you should consult with experts before going down this path.

Consult with Your Family

Since family businesses frequently affect family members, getting every family member on board about insurance decisions is important. If some family members are employed in the business, you’ll need to get worker’s compensation to protect them. Call a family business meeting stat!

For more information on our commercial policies, call our office in Matthews, NC at Jim Boyce Insurance.

Home Sweet Insured Home: Safeguarding Your Space in Matthews, NC

For Matthews, NC homeowners, the process of obtaining the necessary home insurance can be a challenging one. That’s why the experts at Jim Boyce Insurance are on hand to ensure the process is as painless as possible. To safeguard your investment, you need to avoid the common pitfalls. Be sure to take a closer look at the following list of common mistakes before getting started.

Lack of Coverage

Several homeowners are not fully aware of all the coverage that they need. They are not including all of their most valued possessions when their desired policy is discussed, which causes said homeowners to have a lack of coverage. Be as open and honest as possible about all items that need to be covered so this pitfall is readily avoidable.

Making Assumptions

Homeowners in the Matthews, NC region will often make assumptions about what will be included in their insurance policies. These assumptions can cause severe issues once problems arise for which there is no insurance coverage. Don’t make the mistake of taking any aspect of your coverage for granted. Please speak to our insurance representatives before finalizing a policy.

Lack of Understanding

Matthews, NC homeowners must take the time to understand the terms established in their policy. There is a difference between actual cash value and replacement costs. Those who do not understand these terms and how they will affect them in a crisis are setting themselves up for future difficulties.

At Jim Boyce Insurance, our objective is simple. We look to assist our Matthews, NC clients with every aspect of home insurance so that they can make informed choices about their present and future. Give us a call or stop by as soon as you are ready to learn more!

What Are the Best Auto Insurance Policy Add-Ons?

Auto insurance add-ons can include perks like key replacement, roadside assistance, and gap insurance, which can save you money and time. However, some optional coverages are well worth the money, while others may not be. Our agents at Jim Boyce Insurance serve residents of Matthews, NC, and the surrounding area with customized auto insurance plans.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can save the day if you need expedient help while driving and get stuck on the road with a flat tire, dead battery, or lost your keys. Our insurance can help cover a portion or all of the cost of related expenses.

Windshield Repairs

This coverage pays to repair or replace a windshield damaged by a covered peril, like animals, hail, or vandalism. This option may be included in the primary policy if you opt for comprehensive coverage.

New Vehicle Replacement

Once you drive it off the lot, most cars depreciate in value. If you have a newer modeled vehicle, having replacement insurance in place is a wise move. Our insurers can have you back on the road fast with this optional coverage.

Rental Car Reimbursement

When your auto needs repair, and you need to rent a car after a covered accident, your add-on policy can help cover part or all of the cost of a rental car. It can also cover alternative transportation arrangements like public buses, trains, or ride-shares.

Gap Insurance Coverage

If you have received a loan on your auto and it is totaled, gap insurance can cover any remaining payments you owe the lender. With depreciation values in mind, this is a coverage that any car owner can appreciate.

Want More From Your Auto Insurance?

Contact our professional insurance agent in Matthews, NC, at Jim Boyce Insurance for advice about what auto add-ons might be right for you. Contact us online or by phone today.

What Policies Pair with Umbrella Insurance?

For insurance policyholders in Matthews, NC, our team at Jim Boyce Insurance understands how helpful it can be to have some extra coverage through an umbrella insurance policy. When you’re hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, umbrella insurance policies can give you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to face almost any costly disaster. If you want to purchase umbrella insurance, it’s a good idea to make sure that your existing policy will pair with an umbrella insurance policy. While some policies don’t pair with umbrella insurance, the list below will give you a decent picture of whether your policy may be eligible for use with an umbrella insurance policy.

What policies pair with umbrella insurance?

While every policy is different, some general rules exist for what policies are suitable for adding an umbrella insurance policy. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you should be able to get an umbrella insurance policy on top of it as long as the current policy meets the requirements for limits and terms set by the umbrella insurance policy. For auto insurance policyholders, umbrella insurance may be an option if the current policy also meets the term minimums and requirements detailed by the umbrella insurance policy. Business owners may also be able to get an umbrella insurance policy on top of certain commercial insurance policies. Again, the existing policy must meet certain standards and minimum requirements to be eligible for adding an umbrella insurance policy.

If you’d like to see how you might be able to add umbrella insurance to your current insurance policy for extra coverage and comfort, call our office in Matthews, NC at Jim Boyce Insurance!

Four pieces of misinformation out there about renters insurance

Renters insurance is essential for tenants in Matthews, NC. Are you looking for a renters insurance policy to cover you in your North Carolina rental unit? We can insure you at Jim Boyce Insurance.

It’s important to have accurate information about renters insurance. The following are four pieces of misinformation out there about renters insurance. 

You don’t need renters insurance if you don’t have any valuable possessions in your apartment.

Renters insurance isn’t only crucial for protecting the value of possessions in your apartment. Renters insurance is also important for protecting you from liability expenses. 

Tenants are covered under their landlord’s policy.

You cannot rely on your landlord’s property insurance to protect you from liability expenses you may face as a renter. Renters generally cannot depend on their landlord’s policy for coverage.

Your landlord’s policy protects your landlord against liability expenses but won’t offer any coverage to tenants. 

Tenants can use their roommate’s policy for coverage.

Unfortunately, renters can’t rely on their roommate’s insurance policy for coverage. A renters insurance policy only covers the policyholder. Renters’ insurance policies do not cover the policyholder’s roommates. It would be best to have your own renter’s insurance policy to benefit from coverage. 

Renters’ insurance covers flood damage.

While renters insurance covers many potential expenses, renters insurance won’t typically cover the policyholder for flood damage.

If you want to be covered for flood damage to belongings in your rented home, you must invest in separate flood insurance coverage. 

At Jim Boyce Insurance, we assist renters in Matthews, NC with finding the right renter’s insurance coverage. Contact us for a quote on a renters insurance policy that will meet your needs.

Why should I get flood insurance in North Carolina?

Being a real estate owner in the Matthews, NC area has been a good option for many people in recent years. While your home can be a valuable asset, it also needs to be adequately covered by insurance. A productive way that you can protect your home is by investing in flood coverage. There are many great reasons someone should invest in a flood insurance plan here. 

Protect Your Property

An important reason you should have a flood insurance plan in this part of North Carolina is that it can help protect your property. If a flood damages your home, the cost to remediate it can be significant. At the same time, home insurance might not cover the flood damage. When you get a flood insurance plan, it will offer the support needed to repair your property following a flood.

Meet Insurance Requirements

It would also be a good idea to get this coverage as it can ensure you meet insurance requirements. The lender will run a flood determination search if you have taken out a mortgage in North Carolina. If they determine your home is at risk of flood damage, the lenders will require you to carry insurance. This coverage will remain a requirement until the loan is paid off, and having insurance will help keep you in good standing. 

Flood insurance should be considered necessary for property owners facing certain risk factors in the Matthews, NC area. If you are looking for the correct type of coverage here, you can start your search by calling our professionals with Jim Boyce Insurance. There are many decisions to make when looking for insurance, and our Jim Boyce Insurance team can provide the guidance you need to make an informed decision. 

Do I Need to Insure My RV When I’m Not Using It?

RVs are a home away from home for many Matthews, NC residents. Some may spend a long weekend in a campground, while others might spend weeks on the road. Regardless of how you use your RV, there are likely times when it stays parked for extended periods throughout the year. It’s not uncommon for RV owners to spend this time wondering if they even need to continue paying for their insurance when it’s not being used. 

Before you choose to let your policy lapse, it’s crucial that you consider the implications of doing so. The team at Jim Boyce Insurance is here to tell you about a few reasons you need to insure your RV year-round.

It May Be a Requirement

Like when buying a home or car, you may have taken out a loan to purchase your RV. If so, your lender will likely require you to keep a minimum amount of insurance on the RV until the loan is repaid to protect their investment. Likewise, if you keep your RV at a storage facility, the facility’s owner may require you to provide storage insurance.

Disasters Can Strike at Anytime

Even if your RV is paid for in full, it’s still a significant asset. Depending on where and how you store your RV, it may be at risk of damage from fires, floods, severe storms, theft, and more. Without an insurance policy, you’ll be left paying to repair or replace your RV out of your own pocket.

Speak With An Experienced Agent About Insuring Your RV Today!

Here at Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC, we understand how important your RV is to you. Our team will work with you to find the right coverage for your needs. Protect yourself today!

Will Motorcycle Insurance Fully Cover the Cost of Repairs?

When you have something nice, something that costs you a lot of money, something you take great pride in, you want to keep it protected. You want to keep the things you love safe. In the real world, that can’t always happen. That’s why it’s so important to have something like motorcycle insurance. No one can protect your bike from all the bad things out there in the world. But you can get coverage to help you repair or replace your motorcycle if bad things happen.

There are different levels of motorcycle insurance and different coverage types to choose from. Full-coverage policies, for example, will replace your entire motorcycle if it is heavily damaged or stolen. Full-coverage insurance is the most expensive option, but it’s not as expensive as paying for a new motorcycle.

Other types of insurance can partially cover some repairs or won’t cover any motorcycle repairs at all, so the type of insurance you get and the policy you use make a huge difference. If you want to make sure your motorcycle repairs or replacement will be fully covered, you need to make sure you have full coverage insurance with a policy that is big enough to cover the cost of the bike in its entirety. 

Use Jim Boyce Insurance to explore your options when seeking coverage to protect your bike in the Matthews, NC area. Please find out how much coverage is available, how much coverage you need, and how to get it at reasonable prices. Because when you have something beautiful, it needs to be protected. Find the right way to protect your motorcycle and get the necessary insurance. 

Does Umbrella Insurance Protection Against Theft?

Umbrella insurance is essential for individuals with liability risks exceeding their current policy’s limitations. Anyone interested in purchasing an umbrella insurance policy in the Matthews, NC area can count on Jim Boyce Insurance to provide quality insurance products that provide security and peace of mind. 

Umbrella Insurance Coverage 

Umbrella insurance is designed to provide extra liability protection that exceeds the limits of the current insurance policy that’s in place. This insurance coverage is ideal for many instances and can help prevent substantial risks and losses associated with a liability-related event. Before selecting an umbrella insurance policy, it’s essential to understand your level of risk and potential claims that may affect you in the future. However, if you’re currently shopping for umbrella policies and are unsure of the level of coverage you need, our experts can help.

Our team of professional insurance agents will carefully assess your current situation and offer suggestions and options that meet or exceed your current needs. We are committed to providing superior customer service before, during, and after the policy purchase. Agents can assist with document submission and any changes to the policy throughout its lifetime. We can even assist with submitting claims information.

Find Out More Today 

Suppose you’re currently interested in learning more about insurance options for an umbrella policy. In that case, you can contact an agent at Jim Boyce Insurance, serving the residents in and around the Matthews, NC area. Call or stop by our office today to schedule a consultation with an insurance agent or get answers to any questions about our insurance products and services. We strive to provide the best customer support and services to individuals living in the area so they can protect the things they care about most.

Should I Get Renter’s Insurance Even If My Landlord Doesn’t Require It?

When your landlord does not state in the lease that you need renter’s insurance, it might seem like an optional insurance policy. Unfortunately, at Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC, we’ve seen firsthand how putting off getting renter’s insurance can have negative consequences for renters, even if their landlord does not penalize them for not having coverage. 

What is renter’s insurance?

Renter’s insurance, also known as "tenant’s insurance," covers damages, repairs, and replacement of certain belongings, such as furniture, in the event of a qualifying disaster. Tenants who rent houses, apartments, or condos use renter’s insurance to cover repairs, medical expenses if found at fault in an accident in the unit, and more.

Is renter’s insurance required by law in North Carolina?

While North Carolina laws do not require tenants to purchase renter’s insurance, many landlords do include a requirement in their lease for the tenant to buy renter’s insurance. The reason for this is simple: renter’s insurance is an effective way for the tenant to cover damages and the cost of replacing belongings in a fire, theft, or other qualifying events. Even if a landlord doesn’t require it, you should get renter’s insurance as a tenant so that you don’t have to worry as much about potential disasters.

Should I get renter’s insurance even if my lease does not require it?

While you don’t have to get renter’s insurance in that case, the benefits of having renter’s insurance outweigh the disadvantages. Since renter’s insurance doesn’t cover retroactive claims, having it today means you’re prepared for whatever happens once coverage kicks in.

Call Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC today to explore our renter’s insurance policies!