Motorcycle Insurance Makes the Charlotte Drive Much More Exciting

In life, there are few things that are quite as exciting and exhilarating as riding a motorcycle down North Carolinas’ roads, the knowledge that you have the freedom and control that you’ve always wanted when you first got your license. It is not enough to just have your license, unfortunately; you need insurance as well. Without insurance, a single bad mistake made by you or even someone you have never met could wind up doing severe damage to you and your livelihood. So don’t let a lack of insurance be the one thing that does you in – let Jim Boyce Insurance help you figure things out.

There are a lot of snares that a rider may face out on the road. One thing I hear a lot is that they do not need any insurance because they are a good driver (this is something I also see with why people use cell phone while driving or drive without buckling their seatbelts). This, of course, is never true, and it’s never worth the harm that a lack of insurance may cause. No matter if you wind up having your license suspended (thereby making it more difficult to get your daily activities complete), wind up paying for part or all of your medical bill, or having to pay costly repairs for your ride (or even get it outright replaced).

NC riders can feel relaxed to know that in the event of an accident, their insurance plan’s endorsement will extend medical payments coverage to two-wheeled motor vehicles. The laws vary from state to state and can be complicated, so if you have any questions or concerns, make sure to contact Jim Boyce Insurance online or by phone at (704) 364-9955 so we can sort it all out for you.