Why You Need Renters Insurance

When renting an apartment, many people make the incorrect assumption they don’t need any kind of insurance. After all, they don’t own the property so there’s no need to take out additional insurance. While this aspect is true, not taking out renters insurance can leave a person vulnerable. Whether living in or around Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance is here to educate renters into why it is vital to take out renter’s insurance. 

At Greater Risk of Property Damage

People living in apartments and shared units are at a greater risk from fire. This is because should a fire break out in any of the rental units, it may affect the renter’s own apartment. From the fire spreading to sprinklers going off, fire and water are some of the top causes of damage inside of an apartment. Renter’s insurance is there to replace the damaged valuables. 


Without renter’s insurance, if someone breaks into an apartment and steals valuables a person is completely out of luck. Unless the police are able to track down the culprit before the goods are sold off, there’s little chance of tracking down and returning the valuables. In these instances, a renter is forced to pay for new items, which can quickly add up. However, with renter’s insurance, these valuables will be covered. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to replace the computers, entertainment systems, and jewelry, if the items are included on a rental insurance policy a company like Jim Boyce Insurance will be there to replace the stolen valuables. 

Renter’s insurance protects renters in the event of a fire, flooding or if their valuables are stolen. Insurance coverage is inexpensive, yet helps protect renter’s should any of these instances take place. When living around Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance is here to help. If you have further questions about renter’s insurance, make sure to contact Jim Boyce Insurance today.