3 Ways to Prevent Road Rage

Whether you are in the car with your family or driving alone, it’s important that you block the urge for road rage. Driving recklessly increases your chances of getting into an automobile accident, which can threaten your lives. Our team at Jim Boyce Insurance recommends that you following these easy driving techniques to prevent road rage.

Always Make Excuses for the Other Driver

With a focus on getting your family to your destination safely, you shouldn’t engage other drivers who may be driving recklessly. To avoid engagement, you can mentally make excuses for these drivers. For instance, you can consider their honking as a way of telling you hello. You can also consider a driver who cuts you off in a hurry. The goal of making excuses instead of engaging allows prevents you from becoming excited, which protects your family in the end.

Pull Over if You Are Being TailGated

Tailgating is the act of driving too close to a car you are following. If someone is tailgating you, there is pressure for you to drive faster. You can avoid the urge to speed by simply pulling over. Pulling over allows the driver who is in a hurry to pass you safely and without incidence.

Plan Your Trip

Another way you can avoid road rage is by building enough travel time into your schedule. Since many people who have road rage are typically running late, with more time, you won’t have the urge. Additionally, planning your trip to work or an outing with your family will allow you to save gas because you won’t have to speed.

In addition to offering road rage prevention tips, our team at Jim Boyce Insurance offers a suite of auto insurance products. If you are in the market for insurance, or you simply want to compare rates, please give a member of our team a call.