My Kids Have Moved Out, Do I Need To Review My Home Insurance?

Any time that there is a major life change, it’s important to review your insurance. Since you want home insurance that you can rely on in Charlotte, NC, you should review your policy once your kids move out. Independent insurance agents at Jim Boyce Insurance can help you, too.

Your home insurance policy in Charlotte, NC may have coverage that you no longer need. For example, you may have had a high-value rider on your insurance policy to cover the valuables belonging to your kids. Now that they have moved out and taken all of their electronics with them, you need to consider conducting a new home inventory.

You may also want to make some modifications to your home. With the new found money of not having kids in the house, you might want to build a detached garage or install a swimming pool. Any changes to your property need to be updated in your home insurance policy.

When you first get a home insurance policy, you identify that you have kids. It could affect your liability coverage and more. Once they move out, it might actually save you some money by not having them under your roof. If you can save a little money, you will want to take that opportunity.

Policies change all the time. Since your kids moving out is a big deal, it only makes sense that you review your policy to see if some changes need to be made to the coverage levels. Some levels may need to go up while others can go down.

At Jim Boyce Insurance, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Let a professional independent insurance agent review your policy and help you add or drop coverage to ensure you have the coverage you need without paying for what you don’t need.