Does Auto Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

After your vehicle has been damaged by hail, you want to know how to fix the damage as quickly as possible. You may wonder if your insurance coverage will be any help. Each auto insurance policy is different, which means you need to read the details of your plan carefully.

Jim Boyce Insurance, which serves Matthews, NC, understands that you have a lot of questions about your vehicle’s damage. Here’s what you need to know.

Standard Plans Do Not Cover Hail

Typically, auto liability coverage is not enough to cover damage to your vehicle caused by the weather. Auto liability insurance is the standard requirement in most states, but it generally covers the costs of damage or injury to another party if you are responsible for causing an accident. Liability coverage does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage Is the Key

When you are trying to deal with the aftermath of a hail storm, it is comprehensive coverage that will provide help. If you have a comprehensive coverage policy, your damage may be taken care of. Your policy may allow you to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new.

Comprehensive plans cover a variety of weather damage in addition to the damage to your vehicle caused by animals and falling rocks. Even when your vehicle is not in motion, comprehensive insurance coverage can be beneficial.

Talk to an Auto Insurance Professional

If you are ready to get comprehensive coverage to cover damage to your vehicle even when you are not driving it, reach out to Jim Boyce Insurance today. Your Matthews, NC vehicle can get the coverage it needs for the most protection possible.