Is Umbrella Insurance Just For The Wealthy?

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The truth is umbrella insurance is for everyone. There are many circumstances where umbrella insurance will be suitable protection. It really doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or not. The determining criteria for whether umbrella insurance fits your situation is very variable. Umbrella insurance may be a good idea depending on a laundry list of factors. Speaking with a professional insurance agent is the best idea to determine if your particular situation could benefit from this added protection.

Umbrella insurance is an extended arm on a standard insurance policy. Some situations leave a larger area of liability. Standard insurance policies only cover a certain amount. Individuals choose to have an umbrella insurance attachment when they want to add it a layer of protection. Once the standard level of insurance liability is reached, umbrella insurance will pay out for any amounts that exceed this level. 

Umbrella insurance can be an extension of a home insurance policy, commercial insurance policy or a personal insurance policy. Your agent will inform you if it’s permissible to add an umbrella policy as an attachment to any other insurance product.

Come in and speak with one of the dedicated agents at Jim Boyce Insurance today to decide if umbrella insurance should or could be a part of your financial future. 

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