I Just Rented My First Apartment – What Do I Need to Discuss During My Insurance Consultation?

Hey, fellow North Carolinians we’re here for you.  Jim Boyce Insurance in Charlotte, NC encourages all renters to acquire renters insurance as soon as possible. Whether you decide to purchase the insurance before you sign the lease or after making it one of the first decisions you make as an apartment renter. 

When you consult with an insurance agent be ready to discuss:

  • the location of your apartment 
  • If you will be living with another person (such as a roommate, co-tenant or even a family member) – the agent would be interested in knowing that information
  • a comprehensive and accurate listing of the personal property that you would like protected

The personal property that you would like protected is an essential part of your initial consultation. If you have items of great value you may want to take out additional insurance specifically for those items the insurance agent will also be interested to know if you have any type of security measures at your apartment.

  • Is there a secure place as part of your rental agreement or is there a security guard present on the property? Is there a place to keep your valuables with the new apartment? These are some items that your insurance agent will be curious to know in order to best serve and protect your assets. 

Located in Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance specializes in various types of insurance. Among these are auto, flood, umbrella, life, home, motorcycle, business, recreational vehicle and classic car insurances. Stop by our office today or call us to discuss how we can make your experience as an apartment renter the very best it can be.