RV Insurance: Does It Cover Everything Inside?

Understanding RV Insurance Coverage Before Hitting The Highway

The open road is calling, and for RV owners, there’s nothing better than planning on heading out for an adventure and enjoyable experience. Planning ahead to make sure you and your investment are fully covered by insurance is essential in the event of an unexpected occurrence. Standard RV insurance usually covers the vehicle but not all the contents inside. Our professional team at Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC, recommends a line-by-line review of your current RV insurance policy.

Comprehensive Insurance Protection

  • Personal Property Insurance: Personal Property insurance protects what is inside your vehicle, such as clothing, electronics, and other personal items, in the event of theft, fire, and damage.
  • Umbrella Insurance Protection: Umbrella coverage offers special coverage for major accidents and legal claims.
  • Special Considerations: If you own valuable items like jewelry you want to protect, additional endorsements must be added to your regular policy.

Insurance Needed When Your RV Is Garaged

When your RV isn’t on the road and parked in a garage, it is still at risk of fire, natural disasters, and vandalism. You should consider removing the collision coverage and have comprehensive to ensure it is adequately protected.

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