3 Advantages Of Classic Car Insurance

If you treasure your collector cars, you surely want to be able to maintain them for as long as possible.

If you use them regularly for fun or for display in Charlotte, NC, you also want to keep them insured. Regular auto insurance won’t do your classic car any justice, though. Here’s why you should consider a classic car policy like the ones from Jim Boyce Insurance instead

1. An Agreed-upon Valuation Of Your Classic Car

When you use your everyday modern car on a regular basis, its value depreciates. Typically, as soon as you drive your car off the dealership’s lot, the value depreciates.

The exact opposite is true with classic or antique cars, though. The longer you keep them in good condition, the more they are worth.

Classic car insurance providers take this fact into consideration. When you purchase your policy, you and your insurer agree upon the value of your car. the insurance company doesn’t decide an arbitrary valuation; the car’s value in its current state is well-researched, and you, the customer, agrees to the value listed on the insurance policy prior to purchasing it.

2. Roadside Assistance

If you use regular auto insurance for your classic car, you might have to pay a lot out of pocket if the car breaks down in the middle of the road.

You also don’t want a random repair person to carelessly troubleshoot your classic engine. Therefore, classic car insurance coverage may also come with the benefit of roadside assistance.

If your collector car breaks down, an experienced classic car technician is sent out to aid you. He’ll help you transport the car to the shop of your choosing, or bring it back home for you. Some policies even offer troubleshooting services, where the technician can fix the issue at the expense of your insurance.

3. Coverage For Spare parts

If you’re an avid classic car collector, you know that spare parts for these automobiles are expensive and hard to find.

It’s a huge advantage when a classic car insurance policy can provide coverage for spare parts. Typically, you are in control of what to purchase and where. then, the insurance reimburses you for the cost of the parts.

Are You Ready To Invest In Classic Car Insurance?

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the perks that a classic car insurance policy has to offer in Charlotte, NC, call your local Jim Boyce Insurance agent today. Your friendly agent can walk you through getting the best possible protection for your vintage beauty.

Should A Life Insurance Policy Be Part Of Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning can be a tricky for a Charlotte, NC senior. While Jim Boyce Insurance is able to provide assistance, there are certain elements of the process that can remain confusing. Fortunately, your decision is even easier than you may have realized.

Is a Life Insurance Policy a Necessary Aspect of Retirement Planning?

In a word? Yes. There are a number of people who view retirement planning and life insurance policies as separate entities but they are more closely intertwined than most are aware of. Life insurance is usually viewed as a means of keeping a family protected after the policyholder has passed away. 

However, life insurance is a much more important aspect of retirement planning. It should be considered an integral aspect of any retirement plan and those who allow themselves to believe otherwise are placing themselves in a precarious position going forward.

Why Is a Life Insurance Policy So Important?

Proper utilization of life insurance policies allows for a far more comprehensive retirement plan. Loved ones are able to recover from any financial risks that are created. Unexpected costs are handled far more easily. As our lives begin to change, our financial situations change as well. Having a life insurance policy that reflects these changes is pivotal. 

By choosing the correct form of life insurance, you are not only making life easier in the present…you are ensuring the future financial stability of the people you care about most. Income is protected, tax-free cash flow is provided and tax concerns are managed far more easily. The peace of mind that is created is something that you cannot put a price on. 

Charlotte, NC residents who are looking for additional guidance on the life insurance policy and retirement planning are welcome to contact the good folks at Jim Boyce Insurance as soon as possible. 

My Kids Have Moved Out, Do I Need To Review My Home Insurance?

Any time that there is a major life change, it’s important to review your insurance. Since you want home insurance that you can rely on in Charlotte, NC, you should review your policy once your kids move out. Independent insurance agents at Jim Boyce Insurance can help you, too.

Your home insurance policy in Charlotte, NC may have coverage that you no longer need. For example, you may have had a high-value rider on your insurance policy to cover the valuables belonging to your kids. Now that they have moved out and taken all of their electronics with them, you need to consider conducting a new home inventory.

You may also want to make some modifications to your home. With the new found money of not having kids in the house, you might want to build a detached garage or install a swimming pool. Any changes to your property need to be updated in your home insurance policy.

When you first get a home insurance policy, you identify that you have kids. It could affect your liability coverage and more. Once they move out, it might actually save you some money by not having them under your roof. If you can save a little money, you will want to take that opportunity.

Policies change all the time. Since your kids moving out is a big deal, it only makes sense that you review your policy to see if some changes need to be made to the coverage levels. Some levels may need to go up while others can go down.

At Jim Boyce Insurance, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Let a professional independent insurance agent review your policy and help you add or drop coverage to ensure you have the coverage you need without paying for what you don’t need.



Can Your Business Survive Without Commercial Insurance?

Many small business owners think that insurance is too expensive or that they can just go without it.  But what they don’t realize is that four out of ten business will experience a property or liability loss in the next ten years. Topping the list for most common is burglary and theft but thanks to the internet age the most costly for small business owners is reputation harm that includes violation of privacy, libel, and slander coming in at a whopping $50k. The majority of small businesses would not be able to survive such a claim, and some may not have the funds or resources to keep the doors open after some of these other costly scenarios either. At Jim Boyce Insurance we are here to provide Charlotte, NC business owners with tools they need to run a successful business. 

Most Costly Reported Claims 

  • Reputation Harm ($50,000) Less than 5% of all claims filed 
  • Vehicle Accident ($45,000) Less than 5% of all claims filed 
  • Product Liability ($35,000) Less than 5% of all claims filed 
  • Fire ($35,000) 10% of all claims filed 
  • Customer Injury or Damage ($30,000) Less than 5% of all claims filed 
  • Wind and Hail Damage ($26,000) 15% of all claims filed 
  • Customer Slip and Fall ($20,000) 10% of all claims filed 
  • Water and Freezing Damage ($17,000) 15% of all claims filed 
  • Struck by an Object ($10,000) Less than 5% of all claims filed 
  • Burglary and Theft ($8,000) 20% of all claims filed 

It’s important to note that these numbers only represent those that carry commercial insurance and have filed claims. These situations play out every day for those that don’t have insurance as well.  

Could your business survive if you have you had one of the above happen to you? At Jim Boyce Insurance we want to make sure Charlotte, NC businesses are protected. 

Umbrella Insurance Can Also be for Personal Use

The term umbrella insurance is often associated with businesses and corporations. However, fundamentally, the tool can be available for personal financial protection as well. Umbrella insurance in Charlotte, NC and elsewhere simply provides an additional safety net to other insurance policies if they are insufficient to cover a financial need. That can happen more often than people think with injuries, property damage, and even behavior, as is becoming more and more common in the work world. For example, imagine you’re a manager in the office and regardless of doing your job, you get accused of harassing someone at an office party you had at your house one weekend. The person sues the company but also sues you personally. The company will try to limit it’s liability, which means you could end up with a personal claim. Your homeowner’s insurance would be the next option, but their language may not cover or may limit seriously any response. Without an umbrella policy in place, you could be looking at the cost of the claim being out-of-pocket. And with today’s legal costs, that will probably bankrupt most personal portfolios.

While no one wants to plan for a legal nightmare like the one above, having the protection in place for such a risk can avoid the problem entirely if it ever does occur. The folks at Jim Boyce Insurance can help. They regularly provide advice, guidance and technical assistance in developing umbrella policy coverage for clients in Charlotte, NC. Don’t wait for a problem to happen to figure out what will be covered. Talk with Jim Boyce Insurance today and avoid risk altogether.

Why You Need Renters Insurance

When renting an apartment, many people make the incorrect assumption they don’t need any kind of insurance. After all, they don’t own the property so there’s no need to take out additional insurance. While this aspect is true, not taking out renters insurance can leave a person vulnerable. Whether living in or around Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance is here to educate renters into why it is vital to take out renter’s insurance. 

At Greater Risk of Property Damage

People living in apartments and shared units are at a greater risk from fire. This is because should a fire break out in any of the rental units, it may affect the renter’s own apartment. From the fire spreading to sprinklers going off, fire and water are some of the top causes of damage inside of an apartment. Renter’s insurance is there to replace the damaged valuables. 


Without renter’s insurance, if someone breaks into an apartment and steals valuables a person is completely out of luck. Unless the police are able to track down the culprit before the goods are sold off, there’s little chance of tracking down and returning the valuables. In these instances, a renter is forced to pay for new items, which can quickly add up. However, with renter’s insurance, these valuables will be covered. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to replace the computers, entertainment systems, and jewelry, if the items are included on a rental insurance policy a company like Jim Boyce Insurance will be there to replace the stolen valuables. 

Renter’s insurance protects renters in the event of a fire, flooding or if their valuables are stolen. Insurance coverage is inexpensive, yet helps protect renter’s should any of these instances take place. When living around Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance is here to help. If you have further questions about renter’s insurance, make sure to contact Jim Boyce Insurance today. 

What is a classic car?

In North Carolina, the  Dept. of Motor Vehicles uses terms “antique” and “classic” interchangeably.  Any vehicle more than 35 years old would fit into this category. If you need insurance for your classic car or need help in deciding if your car is a classic, visit Jim Boyce Insurance in Charlotte, NC to make sure you have the coverage you need.

An antique is defined by age. A classic car is generally old too, but the definition is not as black and white. The Classic Car Club of America says a classic is a car made between 1925 and 1948.  The Antique Automobile Club of America defines a classic as a car between 25 and 50 years old, and an antique is anything older than 50.

A classic car must have something unusual or special about it, or there needs to be a rare quality.  Often classic cars are not driven daily and are only on display at car shows. Classic cars must have a garage where they are parked for insurance companies to cover them as classics.

It can be hard to define what a classic car is, but it is clear that it must be 25 years old or about that age. To get insurance an appraisal is recommended to get the actual value of the car. Sometimes classic cars get more valuable as they age.  You may negotiate the value of the car with your insurance agent to some extent as you work out the details of your policy. There may also be mileage limits and other requirements in order to get this specialized insurance.

If you have a car that is 25 years old or more or has special qualities that might make it a classic, visit Jim Boyce Insurance in Charlotte, NC to take care of all your insurance needs.

What you need to know about unclaimed life insurance.

Often at times, policyholders fail to mention their life insurance policies to their families or beneficiaries and when they die the money goes unclaimed. As compared to term life insurance where the policy expires after a set number of years, whole life policies get paid up which means they have accumulated sufficient cash value as premiums for the rest of the policyholder’s life.

When the policyholder passes on, the beneficiaries are required to notify the insurance company in order to claim the payout. In cases where the beneficiaries cannot be traced, the unclaimed benefits are handed over to the state.

Usually, there’s a limiting age on insurance policies after which insurance companies assume the policyholder died. Currently, the limiting age is 120. Three years after an insured person reaches the limiting age and no claim is made on the policy or no contact made with the policyholder insurers turn the policy proceeds to the state.

At Charlotte, NC, Jim Boyce Insurance, we have adopted the new requirements which demand insures to undertake retroactive searches on death records, despite its major challenge of matching names.

If you believe a departed family member had a life insurance policy which you cannot find, you can consider getting search services of the state or a private individual or use the policy locator service of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.

As a policyholder, it is therefore important to update your contact information and mailing address with your insurance company anytime there are changes, provide information of your life insurance company to your beneficiaries to facilitate filing of claims in case of death and keep clear records of any notices with regards to change of name, location or contact information of your life insurance company so that it does not end up being unclaimed.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Flood?

Flood is a big issue for some areas and a non-concern from other areas so flood insurance is not something that all people need. For those that do need flood insurance, it is important to understand what the policies you already have in place cover and what may need a bit more coverage. For those in the Charlotte, NC area, the agents with Jim Boyce Insurance can help you determine what your policy already covers and what policies you may need to add more coverage too.

Overall commercial insurance covers a wide range of things from employee damages and injury to fire and even theft of your inventory. Most commercial policies, however, do not cover flood or similar water damage. So why do these commercial policies not cover flood? For the same reason that most homeowner’s policies do not, a flood is not a common occurrence in all areas and therefore does not need to be covered by all policies.

Flooding from something like a burst pipe, however, is going to be covered because it is something that cannot be prevented and that can happen literally anywhere. Flooding from storms and from nature, however, are not going to be covered by most commercial policies. If you do live in an area where you feel there is a chance your business or commercial property is going to be damaged by flood, you may need to take out a separate flood policy so that you can use to protect your commercial property from a flood.

You need to take the time to really make sure you know what your policy covers, what it does not cover, and what extra coverage you may need. For those that live in the Charlotte, NC area, the agents with Jim Boyce Insurance can help you find your perfect policy.  

Is Your RV Insurance Optimized?

Owning an RV provides unique freedom. You can travel in ways inaccessible to the masses, and you can maintain comfort and autonomy at a completely different level. But, as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you really value your RV, you need ways to protect it. Living in Charlotte, NC, protecting your RV is best done through proper insurance. Take a look at some of the ways Jim Boyce Insurance can help you optimize your policy to expand coverage and save money.

Common Options

Optimizing your insurance starts with understanding your options. When it comes to covering RV’s, things are a little different from primary vehicles. Because they drive, you still need basic liability in every state. Since they represent a much larger investment than your average used clunker, you probably want more than just liability. At the extreme end of the spectrum, you can get total loss replacement. The premiums for this coverage will be based on the value of the vehicle. Aside from that, you can get vacation coverage that protects you from vacation-specific expenses, emergency expense coverage, roadside assistance and full-timer coverage. Full-timer coverage is intended for those who use their RV as their full-time residence.

Managing Costs

Once you know which options are right for you, you can manage your costs by looking for key ways to save. The biggest factor is the classification of your RV. This classification is based solely on size and will come in categories A, B or C. Some insurers make mistakes, so double check that you aren’t getting coverage for the wrong RV class. Aside from that, the typical driving savings can apply. You can look for safe driving discounts and insurance bundles. Most importantly, RV insurance doesn’t have to be available year-round. You can consider seasonal or part-time coverage if your RV is safely stored for significant and regular chunks of the year.

Overall, your best way to save money is to simply talk with your Jim Boyce Insurance representatives. Ask about ways to save money or improve coverage. An easy conversation is a powerful tool, and as soon as you start saving money on insurance, you have more freedom to travel beyond Charlotte, NC, and to the world beyond.