Four pieces of misinformation out there about renters insurance

Renters insurance is essential for tenants in Matthews, NC. Are you looking for a renters insurance policy to cover you in your North Carolina rental unit? We can insure you at Jim Boyce Insurance.

It’s important to have accurate information about renters insurance. The following are four pieces of misinformation out there about renters insurance. 

You don’t need renters insurance if you don’t have any valuable possessions in your apartment.

Renters insurance isn’t only crucial for protecting the value of possessions in your apartment. Renters insurance is also important for protecting you from liability expenses. 

Tenants are covered under their landlord’s policy.

You cannot rely on your landlord’s property insurance to protect you from liability expenses you may face as a renter. Renters generally cannot depend on their landlord’s policy for coverage.

Your landlord’s policy protects your landlord against liability expenses but won’t offer any coverage to tenants. 

Tenants can use their roommate’s policy for coverage.

Unfortunately, renters can’t rely on their roommate’s insurance policy for coverage. A renters insurance policy only covers the policyholder. Renters’ insurance policies do not cover the policyholder’s roommates. It would be best to have your own renter’s insurance policy to benefit from coverage. 

Renters’ insurance covers flood damage.

While renters insurance covers many potential expenses, renters insurance won’t typically cover the policyholder for flood damage.

If you want to be covered for flood damage to belongings in your rented home, you must invest in separate flood insurance coverage. 

At Jim Boyce Insurance, we assist renters in Matthews, NC with finding the right renter’s insurance coverage. Contact us for a quote on a renters insurance policy that will meet your needs.