Why You Need Life Insurance

When one of your household providers suffers a sudden and untimely death or disability, you might ask what’s next. If your answer is you don’t know, now is the best time to know. Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC can help.

Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance isn’t just for when someone dies. Life insurance can help with medical expenses, burial costs, and estate taxes. In some cases, you can cash out your life insurance if you’ve received a diagnosis of a terminal illness that might kill you soon. Insurance can support your survivors when they need to replace your income. It can replace funds you need to cover monthly bills and expenses, daycare, tuition, and planning for retirement. Life insurance is responsible for any family’s planning in case a wage earner dies unexpectedly.

How Can Jim Boyce Insurance Help?

Jim Boyce Insurance can help you find the right amount of life and accident coverage to cover your family’s needs and expenses. We can work with you to help fund your family’s charitable trust, if any, or to set aside money for children to finish their education from K-12 to Ph.D.

We can help protect yourself or a loved one against the financial devastation of death. Our trained and licensed agents, serving Matthews, NC, can help you find policies from nationally recognized insurance companies. We can help you understand different insurance policies’ specifics, strengths, and weaknesses. And we can do all of this either over the phone or from our office. If you have questions about how your insurance will cover you in North Carolina, we can help.

Call or visit Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC today for a free, no-obligation life insurance quote. Tomorrow might be too late.