Understanding North Carolina’s Helmet Law

Jim Boyce Insurance is committed to the safety of our Matthews, NC motorcyclist customers. According to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, one in five motorcycle crashes will cause neck or head injuries. These types of injuries account for the most fatal injuries to motorcyclists. This is why North Carolina law requires a motorcycle operator and all passengers to wear a helmet while riding. 

Choosing The Right Type Of Helmet

Motorcycle safety helmets must conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard number 218. The standards apply to all styles of the helmet including three-quarter and full face. These requirements include:

  • Thick Inner Liner  – Each helmet must have a 1inch thick polystyrene foam inner liner. You should be able to feel the thickness of the liner as you wear the helmet.
  • DOT sticker – A compliant helmet will have a DOT symbol sticker permanently installed on the back of the helmet. Purchasing a sticker separately does not mean the helmet is compliant.
  • Manufacturer’s Label – This label found on the inside of the helmet will contain important information such as the manufacturer’s name, model, and date of manufacture. It will also include the type of shell and liner used in the helmet’s construction and instruction label for maintaining the helmet.

Other Important Safety Features

The helmet should fit snugly All the way around your head. There should be no obvious defect such as frayed straps, loose padding, or cracks. Helmets should always be securely fastened, so they won’t be lost during a crash.

Eye and face protection are an important consideration. Goggles or shatter-resistant face shields protect your entire face during an accident. They also protect you from general hazards while riding such as wind, dirt, rain, and insects.

If you are a motorcyclist in the Matthews, NC area, please reach out to Jim Boyce Insurance today to learn more about motorcycle safety and insurance.