Most-forgotten Basics About Home Insurance

If you want to harness the power of your home insurance, it will help if you don’t forget the basics. Unfortunately, most homeowners rarely give their home insurance policies a second look after renewing. This could be dangerous as it can expose you when the unexpected occurs.

Today, Jim Boyce Insurance wants to refresh your mind about the everyday basics of home insurance you shouldn’t let fall by the wayside.

Updating your home insurance

Your home insurance isn’t a “set and forget” thing. You should review your home insurance annually to ensure it covers your current needs. However, sometimes you need to review your policy sooner. For instance, if you renovate your home or welcome a dangerous pet in your home, you should talk to your insurer to update your policy.

Failing to maintain an inventory list

Maintaining an inventory list to know everything in your possession is always a good idea. You can do this by going from one room to another to record everything you own. This way, you won’t have assets missing from your home insurance coverage. Plus, it makes it easier when filing a claim.

Home insurance exclusions

It’s a huge mistake to assume that your home insurance covers all risks under the sun. Your standard home insurance has limitations and exclusions. For instance, typical home insurance won’t cover damage caused by floods, earthquakes, sewer backup, and intentional acts.

Learning about home insurance exclusions is vital to help you know what “add-ons” to purchase to boost your home insurance policy.

Home insurance in Matthews, NC 

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