What Types of Coverage is Included in Renters Insurance

While renting a home is not always considered a major commitment or investment, those that rent do often have personal assets inside the property. To ensure that that they are properly protected, Charlotte, NC area residents should always carry a full renters insurance policy when they rent a home. There are several types of coverage in a renter’s insurance policy that can make them a great option.   

Liability Coverage

The first type of coverage included in a renter’s policy is liability coverage. When you have a visitor to your home you are taking on a certain level of responsibility for them. If they happen to be injured while in your home, you could be found liable for their injuries or other damages. The renter’s policy will provide you with liability coverage to mitigate this risk.  

Personal Property

A renter’s insurance policy will also cover your personal property. If the home is vandalized, damaged by a storm, or robbed, you could lose your personal items. The renter’s insurance policy will provide you with reimbursement for your loss. If you have expensive personal items, which could include jewelry, and additional rider may be necessary.

Living Expenses

If the property is damaged and is temporarily inhabitable, the policy could provide you with reimbursement for living expenses. This will include giving you money to cover the housing costs associated with living in temporary housing.  

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