The impact of flooding

Jim Boyce Insurance serving Charlotte, NC understands the impact of flooding.  

Life goes along with holidays and barbeque and everything seems wonderful, until a flood hits. Even a small flood with just a few inches of water can reek havoc on a home or business. Not only in costly repairs and replacements but in loss of work either for the individual who must take care of their home and family or in the business that can’t open because of the mess and health hazards. Flooding can occur from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, heavy rains, a water main break or the impact of construction in a higher elevation impacting the water levels or even a tub overflowing.

Jim Boyce Insurances recommends a few steps to take to ensure that impact is lessened.

  1. Have a flood insurance policy to safeguard your home, possessions, work, and assets.
  2. Keep important documents, such as insurance policies in a secure, high location in plastic ziplock bags or offsite to protect them.    
  3. Plan ahead where to park your cars.
  4. Plan where you might evacuate.
  5. Have a reserve of bottled water and non-perishable food ready as well as candles and flashlights.

Our grandmothers were always ready with a well-stocked pantry and emergency items. Make sure you have medication, waterproof clothing and torches and plenty of batteries to hand. It may be useful to have a radio, mobile phone and battery-powered phone chargers available too.

If flood water is about to enter your home, turn off water, electricity and gas supplies. It is important to stop all of these utilities. You will be safer and so will your house. Move vulnerable people and pets out of harm’s way. Move valuable belongings upstairs. If there is time, move your valuable and necessary belongings upstairs. Unplug all electrical equipment

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