Is Charlotte, NC The Recreational Vehicle Capitol of America?

I See A Lot Of RV’s Around Here

With all, there is to do in our beautiful corner of the country RVing is a popular pastime. Getting out on the open road and enjoying various campsites and landmarks  Falls dead center into what we call fun. You may decide to take a recreational vehicle across the country. No need for a hotel or motel when you have your personal accommodations traveling along with you. No matter how you’d like to enjoy your RV it is made just for that purpose. Getting out there and seeing it for yourself. Though you may see a lot of recreational vehicles around Charlotte we are not the recreational RV capital of the country. Believe it or not, the region of the country that can boast the highest RV ownership is out west.  Next in ranking order is the midwest and then the south after that comes the northeast. That can be attributed to the weather, a strange coincidence or just a regional state of mind that fixes on camping.

 Insuring your RV is a simple process as long as you know how you want your vehicle to function. Do you plan on renting the vehicle or driving cross country or driving internationally? Come into your insurance office with that information. 

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