Benefits of Umbrella Insurance for NC Businesses

One hard lesson that many business owners learn is that commercial policies have coverage limits. This means that once a policy coverage level is reached, coverage is exhausted and liability falls to the policy owner. Fortunately, commercial umbrella policies are available to commercial policyholders whose primary policy is exhausted. Jim Boyce Insurance is here to provide the guidance and information necessary for Matthews, NC area business owners to determine if an umbrella policy is right for them.

Benefits of a Commercial Umbrella Policy

Liability insurance can make the difference between easily recovering from a catastrophic, covered event and failure. Too many businesses suffer from frivolous lawsuits or employee-driven issues that can quickly deplete their primary or basic commercial coverage. Those that have umbrella coverage are able to rest assured that if their primary policy is exhausted their hard work and business will remain protected. 

In today’s litigious environment, there are often unfair and unscrupulous lawsuits that can all but destroy a business. Whatever your industry, knowing that your firm will be protected to a higher level than a basic policy provides can offer peace of mind. When you know that you have the insurance protection that you need, you are able to fully focus on the important work of your business. 

Commercial coverage needs to be robust and comprehensive in order to provide adequate protection for many situations. Now is an ideal time to find out the umbrella policy options that are available to NC businesses. 

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