3 Tips for Buying Classic Car Insurance in Matthews, NC

Classic cars are their own special breed, and that means classic car insurance is too. Insurance carriers work with each classic car owner on a case-by-case basis since many variables go into a classic car’s coverage, such as how it is stored. Whether you’re looking for a new policy or want to upgrade an existing one, the team at Jim Boyce Insurance has put together a quick list of the best ways to get started.

1. Start with a Reputable Agent

Your first task should be connecting with a reputable insurance agent. These knowledgeable professionals know the ins and outs of the classic car insurance world and can pass along this information to you. They are available to answer your questions, compare quotes, and help point you in the right direction to secure the best policy for the right price.

2. Bundle Your Classic Car Insurance Policy

An easy way to save money right from the start on your classic car insurance premiums is to bundle your new policies with existing insurance policies under one carrier. There are many insurance companies who love to reward their customers with discounts. Your reputable insurance agent will help you narrow these down.

3. Compare Several Quotes

Classic car insurance policies contain a lot of detail. While this may seem cumbersome, it’s important to examine each document to determine the different coverage and costs of each policy. Again, a reputable insurance agent will be by your side helping you every step of the way.

Ready to protect your classic car with the perfect policy? Then contact the team at Jim Boyce Insurance to get started today.