Three reasons you need home insurance for your North Carolina property

Consumers in North Carolina often wonder why they really need to have home insurance coverage. At Jim Boyce Insurance in Matthews, NC, we offer home insurance policies that give property owners numerous key advantages.

The following are three reasons why you need home insurance in North Carolina. 

Mortgage lenders in North Carolina require home insurance.

Perhaps the number one reason why you need home insurance in North Carolina is that your mortgage lender will require it. If you had your home financed, you need to have it insured.

Mortgage lenders require their borrowers to have home insurance to protect their investment in the homeowner’s property. Until your mortgage loan is paid off, you’ll be expected to have an active home insurance policy. 

North Carolina homes are subject to storm damage. 

Weather events like lightning storms are not uncommon in the state of North Carolina. These events can cause home damage due to fire, power outages, and more. Home insurance will often cover the costs of damage caused by lightning storms.

North Carolina is also subject to damage from hurricanes and flooding. However, a standard home insurance policy usually won’t offer coverage for damage from these types of weather events. That’s why North Carolina homeowners often need to invest in flood insurance in addition to standard home insurance. 

A North Carolina homeowner’s property is generally among his or her most valuable assets.

Another key reason why you need home insurance in North Carolina is that your home is so valuable. The median home value in North Carolina is $214,726. Because North Carolina homes are so valuable, it’s important for homeowners in the state to insure them. 

If you need to buy a home insurance policy, we’re here to offer our assistance at Jim Boyce Insurance. Contact us at Matthews, NC to learn more about our home insurance policy offerings.