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Good insurance offers the protection you need for your property and family, whether you’re purchasing home insurance or auto insurance. When you’re ready to buy insurance, our Charlotte, NC insurance agents at Jim Boyce Insurance can help you find the best coverage for your needs while helping you stick with your budget.

If you’re shopping for North Carolina auto insurance, it’s important to know that the state requires that you purchase at least the state minimum coverage to license and drive your vehicle. Both liability and uninsured motorist coverage is required by the state of North Carolina. While you must have the state minimum insurance for your vehicle, the minimum may not offer you the protection you require. Consider talking to your Jim Boyce Insurance agent to find out what auto insurance coverage will offer you the best protection.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when purchasing home insurance in North Carolina is failing to buy enough coverage. Protecting the investment in your home is essential, and even if you already have insurance it’s a good idea to check your insurance policy yearly to ensure you have adequate coverage. Homeowners policies may contain coverage for your dwelling, personal property, personality liability, loss of use, and more. However, since policies vary greatly it’s important to talk to an agent to see what kind of protection and coverage you need.

Whether you’re in the market for auto insurance or home insurance, it’s important to compare quotes online from multiple carriers. Online quotes from an independent agency can help you find the best coverage for a competitive price. If you need help choosing your insurance coverage or you’re ready to compare quotes, contact your Jim Boyce Insurance agent today.